After working continuously a week you really need one day to relax right? hell yes. To be very honest we hate all working days but we dont have options we have to work but we can relax on our holiday day.

We all have one week day in a week when we relax watch netflix chill.

And most of you much be remembering sunday but you can follow all these tips any day you want.

lets start



OKEY. we all know morning sleep at 4 to 7 is like honey we just dont want to wakeup at this timing correct? work is work you cannot jus sleep in working days but you can sleep in little longer on sunday and holidays.

just sleep a little bit early day before your holiday night and wakeup late.

2. Morning Stretch  

We all are busy every day and dont have time to just get back and work for our body.

stretching in morning a little bit can reduce a lot of stress and make your body relax.

3. Have a cold shower

having a very good morning shower can make you feel light and very refreshing. dont think too much and relax in shower.

4. Have Your favourite breakfast

getting favourite breakfast in morning is like PERFECT start of the day.


Appling oil on hair is the most relaxing think. heat oil and ask your mom to apply oil on your hair.

do some skincare you can apply some mask on your skin or just get some good facial massage on your skin and relax.

6. Listen to some calm song

listening to some calm music songs can make you feel relax more calm.

7. Sit on a couch, just sit and eat

sitting and eating is best for relax. go to your best comfort place to sit grabe your fav snack and eat thats it.

8. watch some movies or netflix

sitting in couch or sofa or anywhere best of your comfort zone eating favourite snacks and watching some of your listed movie which you want to watch is the best way to spend time on sunday.

9. clean your phone

I am so mess up person with my phone and laptop. i always try to clean my phone and even laptop every week. cleaning laptop and phone gallery and desktop i personally feel very organize and clean.


You can try making some amazing easy tasty drinks on special day to refresh your mind.


Having lunch with family and friend is good time to spend.

12. watch some comedy movie.

okey i know watching movie while eating is not good but wait its sunday man. you can brake rule on holidays right? go ahead

13. take a nap

i dont like to take nap but its refresh me. so why not.

14. refresh your self.

refresh yourself like wear some nice cloths, have some makeup, smell good, take deep breath.

15. refresh your room, house.

it might be not possible for you to refresh your entire house but you can do only for your room or area.

just open all the curtain in your room. clean every thing from floor, switch on light and spray some room freshner. i love it when i do all refreshing thing to my house and room.

16. go outside

walking outside in evening really refresh me and can refresh you too. go outside have some fresh air. for that time dont think about life any more.

17. buy some gift for you.

when ever i go outside i always buy something for myself. dont worry its can be small cute anything which make you happy.

18. talk to your fav person

you must be having one favourite person right? talk to them about what you do today and about anything.

19. list down tomorrow tasks

writting every tasks on planner is best ideas for saving time. try to write every tasks before every night.

20. sleep relax

last step is very simple just sleep for good amout of time and switch on ac and relax sleep.

thats it.

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