When it comes to fighting summer sweat, the struggle is real. It’s just so embarrassing to walk around with that sweatshirt. 

We hate the hot summer season right? it is just annoying. 

We cannot stop sweating completely but we can make it less. 

here is 

7 Ways To Sweat Less This Summer 100% EFFECTIVE TIPS

1. Use Garment Shields

This is my first recommendation for all of you.

This life hacks or let’s say beauty hack is amazing. 

These shields you have to stick on underarm and you don’t have to worry about sweatshirts anymore. 

selective focus photo of smiling woman wearing black dress standing on concrete pavement

2. Dark color outfit 

A dark color outfit protects your skin from that harsh sunlight and makes you sweat less than usual. you can wear a dark color outfit like 

  1. black 
  2. dark blue
  3. brown
  4. red
  5. gray
  6. and even wine color outfit

NOTE: don’t wear light shade color like

  1. yellow 
  2. white
  3. green 
  4. pink

or any light color that makes you sweat more. 

3. Wear breathable fabric clothes 

fabric is a comfortable cloth to wear in this hot summer season. the fabric allows better airflow than many synthetic options, so they can help you dry out faster. 

They also absorb liquid better

4. Consider buying some shirts with large armpit holes

Okey this can be done but not outside the house right. 

you can buy some shirts with large armpit holes.

and also The airflow could help to cool you down as well.


When you eat spicy hot food that’s too makes you sweat a lot. 

It’s the major spicy chemical in peppers that sends signals to your brain that your body is overheating. This activates receptors in your body to cause a reflexive cooling response — AKA sweat — to cool down your body.

6. Slather on Some Lemon Juice

lemon juice is a home remedy that can make you feel less sweat and also make your body smell good and fresh. 

Squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl and apply it on your armpits before you go to bed. It’ll absorb into your body, helping to fight sweat and making you smell nice and citrusy.

7. Don’t take stress

yes, this is also one of the reasons you sweat a lot. 

just don’t take a lot of stress and if you feel stress try to calm yourself down. 

Practice your breathing, which helps calm down your nerves and as a result, lessens your sweat production.

8. Shave Yourself

I don’t know why but I feel this is also a very nice step to avoid sweat by keeping clean hairless body parts

Keeping yourself hair-free in those areas will not only fight the sweat but will also make you stay clean and fresh-smelling.

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