Do you know why we need to drink water?

Water helps keep your temperature normal. You need water to digest your food and get rid of waste. Water is needed for digestive juices, urine, and poop. And you can bet that water is the main ingredient in perspiration, also called sweat.

sometimes drinking more water is difficult especially when you try to stay hydrated all day long lol

Tips On How To Stay Hydrated ALL DAY LONG

1. Drink water before and after bed

you know many people (including me). they don’t have time to drink water yeah it’s true.

if you are just like me then drinking more water will be an impossible task for you. to be very honest I actually don’t feel like having water and that’s very bad.

for this, I have made one very strong habit to drink one full glass of water before going to bed and after waking up.

2. Set Water Alarm

silver and white analog alarm clock

This trick can literally change your habit of drinking water. you know when you keep hearing and remembering something needs to be done you actually get a habit of that, right?

setting an alarm on every 3 to 4-hour difference and there you go. now you don’t have to worry about drinking water.

3. Drink Water Before Having Any Meal

woman in white crew neck shirt drinking water

you can drink water before having any meal this will keep you hydrated and you don’t have to drink water after having a meal.

cause of drinking water after having a meal

  1. It May Affect Digestion
  2. It May Slow Down Absorption Of Nutrients
  3. It Can Cause Acidity
  4.  It May Cause Weight Gain

4. Make your water tasty

clear glass pitcher on top gray tray

This is my best and favorite way to drink more and more water because in this trick you actually like drinking water.

you can easily replace your normal water with yummy tasty Detox Water

what is detox water

Detox water is water that has been infused with the flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs. It’s sometimes referred to as fruit-infused water or fruit-flavored water.

you can easily make this yummy tasty detox water at home. some examples of detox water.

 Fruit infused Detox water

  • Blackberry + Orange
  • Strawberry + Mint
  • Blackberry + Strawberry + Raspberry 
  • Mint + Grapefruit
  • Lime + Pineapple + Coconut Water
  • Apple + Lemon + Cinnamon Sticks
  • Pear + Apple + Cranberry
  • Watermelon + Strawberry
  • lemon + water + salth and suger

5. Have water containing fruits

you know you don’t actually need to drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself. eating and consuming water is amazing ideas to hydrate yourself all day.

there are some amazing and tasty fruits that contain a lot of water. you can eat fruits like.

  1. Watermelon – Water content: 92%
  2. Strawberries – Water content: 91%
  3. Cantaloupe – Water content: 90%
  4. Peaches – Water content: 89%
  5. Cucumber – Water content: 95%
  6. Tomatoes – Water content: 94%
  7. Coconut Water – Water content: 95%

6. Have Your Own Water Bottle

blue tumbler

having a bottle can help you to know how much you need to drink water a day. having a water bottle with us 24 hours a can help you to drink water whenever you want.

you can carry a small mini-size of water bottle to college, school, job, shopping, or any activity class.

7. Set A Goal For Water

Setting a goal of how much water you need to drink is really important.

make a target of how much liters you want to drink in a day and make a habit of drinking water.

8. Drink Water After You Pass Out

You know we pass out toxins through urine and that’s where when our bodies have less water. so hydrate yourself after pass out urine.

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