OK, we all are lazy and feel laziness sometimes, right?

You want to do a million things but don’t want to get off the couch?

If you feel like you have tons of work and zero motivation to even start it?

Feeling lazy and not doing any work is the most guilty feeling I ever think but still not working.

so let me tell you

best tips to overcome laziness really quick


To find a solution, you need to know first that why this is happening with you. Right?

Just like You cannot solve a problem unless you know what the causes are. 

  • having confusing goals. You have millions of tasks to do, and your deadline is knocking at the door, and you dont have time to complete
  • need an action plan. If you don’t have an action plan ready, your gonna lose your mind at first. this is something important. if I don’t have a basic plan I will waste my few min every other task
  • perfect is excuse. if you think too much to making it perfect it can waste your time. trust me its happend with me too.
  • where to start from?. Obviously, this happens to me too; I have no ideas where to start from is just so much time-wasting and overwhelming,
  • THE TASK IS BORING. This might be the reason; doing work you are not interested in can make you feel dull and super lazy.
  • Negative mindset. Having less confidence even before starting and get a very negative perspective that you cannot even complete it.
  • YOU ARE TIRED. If you are already tired and have a lot of work to do, not possible sorry. You can’t do more work if you’re already tired and feeling lazy.
  • Feeling depressed. you might be feeling depress for some reason might be because of your health, realationship, hell lot of work this can be your reason for being lazy.

2. Need of an action plan.

The action plan is crucial. In any case, as I told you, people are lazy because they don’t have a proper action plan, they don’t know where to start from, they are confused.

Get up and make an effective action plan you need accordingly.

Tips: Keep your essential and easy to do the task first.

3. Focus on one task at a time: 

focusing on one study simultaneously helps you complete the task fast and make it better. How?

Have you ever noticed if you have a million tasks to do, you get the hell confuse about where to start from, how to start, and how can you do it? This is a lot of starts

all this question just stress us and make thing more difficult to do.

Focusing on one task at a time can be more productive.

4. No Distractions

Just remove all distractions from your working space like phone, games, books, and everything that distracts you from your working space and from your mind. Yes,

stop thinking about stupid things when you are doing your work. Start thinking about your work and how you can make it better and better.

5. Create A Working mindset

You know, creating working vibes or working mindset is crucial to start work. If you don’t have a working vibe working energy working environment, you can’t really begin, at least for me.

If you feel fresh and your work is clean and don’t have much work to do at first, this is the best environment for you to start your career.

People often get really irritated if their workplace is not clean and piles of work on their table.

You are more productive and stop being lazy than if everything is messed up.


Does perfectionism even exist? There is nothing called perfect.

Don’t expect to do everything perfectly; this is not going to happen, OK.

Working hard is OK. Giving your 100% is OK but still, if you are not satisfied with the work you did in the end, try to avoid it. This is not how to stop being lazy is concerned.

7. Practise Exercise

You know, sometimes we feel lazy because of the low energy our body has at that time.

Do some exercise 5 min is enough and then go back to work

exercise would refresh your mind, boost your mood, reduce anxiety, increase energy levels and help inject creative ideas that you would have never thought of if you had been sitting on that chair all day.

8. sleep tight

Don’t ignore your sleep. We all are average human OK, stop expecting to work 12 hours and sleeping only for 4 to 5 hour. This is very bad for your health too

sleep is crucial for your healthy life. We need to sleep 8 hours a day. Yes, this is important.

Give sleeping full 8 hours a shot and see your levels and productivity increasing. You can count naps too.

9. have a small break

Doing a lot of work with no break just makes me feel more anxious and feeling discomfort.

This is because your doing work continuously and not having a break. Your brain is constantly working, working and working, and sometimes some people just don’t do a better job in a hurry to complete it fast, including me.

Taking a small break and enjoying a few minutes is so much relaxing and not time-consuming, correct? You can take it in just 5 min.

10. Stop making excuses

stop making excuses like

  • I’m exhausted, sad, or angry right now, so I can’t do the task.”
  • “I can do it tomorrow.”
  • “I don’t have enough time to work on it.”
  • “I’m waiting for inspiration.”
  • I don’t like doing it now.
  • not feeling well
  • I have to make it perfect.
  • I can’t do this
  • this is tough for me 

11. Reward yourself for your progress

OK, we all love taking rewards after doing so much hard work.

Pick a task, complete it as fast as you can and get a reward and appreciate yourself.

This is a beneficial method to complete tasks really fast and not to get tired. No matter how little the progress may seem. You may choose to attach a reward to completing the task.

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