Summer Skincare Routine For Healthy Skin

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personally i dont like any routine at any time not even summer but wait. i dont want to have that acne pimple oily face large open pore all over my face. i know any type of routine is so irritating specially if your in bed and an air-conditioned is on right? hell yes. but this summer routine is cheapest, simplest, easiest and not taking too much time. i follow this routine at my teenage age if its effective on me then its highly chance it will effect on your skin too.


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(by far the most important routine.) this is where this entire summer routine start from, from morning washing your face. it does not matter how much makeup you have put yesterday or going to put today but washing face before the bed and after the bed is always effective. i do recommend you to wash your face 3 times a day

1(morning just waking up from bed)

2(at eventing when your face is almost oily and sticky)

3( lastly at night when your going to bed)

note: every person have different type of skin for dry skin people skip evening facewash.

but wait which type of face wash is suitable for my skin.

i am dry skin type of person so i will highly recommend himalaya this facewash if you have dry skin like me.

but if you have oily skin then you should go for this Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash


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moisturizer is very must necessary for your skin in every season. putting moisturizer at summer may be tough for a lot of people even some time i cannot handle thick layer of moisturizer on my skin a such a long time.

i do recommend you to apply moisturiser only twice a day dont make your skin too oily. oily skin May Clog Pores. but make sure if your cleaning your face 3 time a day then you should apply moisturizer twice.

  1. moisturise your skin twice a day if you have dry skin
  2. moisturise your skin once a day if you have oily skin

moisturizer for dry skin i use Aloe vera gel

moisturiser for oily skin type (Smooth Extra-Dry Skin, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free) is best choice


mostly i stay at home person i hardly get out of house for any reason but a lot of people like you must be going outside everyday and getting your skin tanned. Thats why i have include this extra routine in your skin care.

lip bam

to be honest my lip are always dry. lip also need moisturinzer just like skin to have moisturise and pink healthy lip you should moisturise your lip with lip bam every 3 hour.

i will recommend you to use natural moisturaiser and not any type of chemical

natural lip bam

  • aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey
  • vaseline
  • butter also butter

tips for summer skin care

beauty sleep

sleeping well for teenager is really important but we hardly get enough sleep. i sleep only 6 to 5 hour a day and i thing thats not enough for teen. try to sleep 7 to 8 a day this will definitely help on your skin as well as health.

drink water

you might have read or heard this a lot of time thats drinking good amount of water will keep you hydrated and its good for health but your know what its also very good for any skin type.

avoid drink during your meal time.


barth is really important for summer skin care routine. this is were you care your entire body skin but dont take over shower.

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